i am Woman

My journey began at Birth, as I entered the world as a Colicky baby. I seemed to be “nervous” as the doctors described me. How else could they make sense of these tummy troubles that I experienced? While my digestive system was very sensitive for most of my life, I didn’t allow it to keep me small. I knew from a young age that I was meant for Greatness.

I am a Born Educator, Teacher and Performer. For me, these “titles” have always brought me back to the fullest expression of my soul and my desire to Share that with the world. I have performed on Stages and been on National Television numerous times. For almost a decade I performed on stage, while working as an elementary school teacher at the same time.

At age 24, I was diagnosed with having Pre-Cancerous cells growing from my stomach up into my esophagus, (possibly from silencing my truth, giving my power away, or being so sensitive in my Gut and using my Feelings to relate to the world) at which point came my first “wake up call.”

I am Responsible for my Life: Body, Mind and Spirit

This began my Quest for Truth. Through this journey, I discovered many truths and healed my stomach, but the greatest Gift of it all was My Return to Me.

I awakened my Inner Voice and from this space Reclaimed my Authenticity, Confidence, and Power!

Motherhood was my next Awakening as I needed to fully trust myself, and Truth for my babies. Through Natural, Unmedicated, Unassisted Births, Breastfeeding, Co-sleeping and more, I found Conscious Parenting for these beautiful Souls given to me to raise. Once again, the greatest gift of being a Mother is this Return to Me.

As a Pioneer-mama I built a Tribe of life-minded women, and became a Leader, Coach and Mentor paving the way for others and standing in my own Power so that others can do the same. I continue the journey as a Truth-Seeker, Master Teacher and Spiritual Midwife. I take a stand for women claiming their Power by Returning to their Inner Voice for wisdom. It is through this process they can reach their fullest, purest expressions of themselves so they can BE it ALL!

Today, I invite you to “Tune-In” to your Heart’s Song and listen to the message that your Inner Voice has for you.

I am ReDefining Womanhood and inviting you to do the same.