There’s a small voice inside of you that is quiet. It speaks to you in the early hours of the dark or the light. It’s a Voice of Hope, Joy and the Success of your dreams.  You’ve heard it before. You’ve listened during those moments when you didn’t know the way through something. You listened when your gut said something was “off.” You listened and when you took the action that you knew you needed to take, Transformation happened, almost instantaneously.

I’m coming today because I know you have something MORE that you are here to bring to the planet. Yes, that does sound like a tall order, yet these times are extreme. You are being asked now to LISTEN and to fill the VOID with your VOICE of Truth. (read that again)

All the wisdom that you carry, from all of the pain, trauma, and conditions of the past are meant to be shared from your place of truth, your heart. The only way to speak your truth is from YOUR heart.

My love, we do not have many opportunities like the one that is staring us in the face at this moment – WOMEN’s VOICES must RISE. WE are the Solution to the problems of the world, as we are meant to bring about balance to the ways it has been done up until now. We are meant to create the sustainability through honoring, surrendering, femininity, intuition, nurturing and so much more of these feminine  energies that have been suppressed. 

What do we do in times of crisis?

1. We gather (bring food and offerings)

2. We connect (hug, we dance, we sit)

3. We Speak (tell stories, offer our own ways of what has worked and what has not, we speak of what we know to be true- it will all be okay, we offer prayers, and declarations)

4. We release emotions (through more sounds – laughs, tears, screams)

5. We offer resources and solutions

6. We heal by being together and speaking what’s on our hearts

We do this NATURALLY!

In this last few days I have given much thought to what is happening in our world and how we, as women, can offer ourselves to connecting and healing while also receiving and being resourced to continue to live our life’s calling.

I’ve had the answer all along. A gathering of women’s VOICES in the most powerful ways of connection – Truth Speaking. It’s what you require right now and it’s also what the world requires now too. Yes, it’s time to Speak your Truth

When you are able to speak your truth, you clear up the illusions and distortions that have been running rampant because people have remained silent and obedient without question. 

When you speak your truth, you bring LOVE and INTEGRITY to our world and to all the areas of your life that have also been out of balance.

When you speak your truth, you take a STAND for yourSelf, your inner power, your inner knowing and your confidence soars!

When you speak your truth, you become unstoppable. A true force of nature with a direct path, speed, and accuracy that achieves your goals and desires.

When you speak your truth, you come CLOSER to those that you love in ways you have not done before, each time learning more, knowing more and FEELING more!

When you speak your truth, there are no longer things that drain your energy or weaken your Life Force. This means lasting, stable, energy that creates space and frees up even MORE energy!  BLISS, Joy, Passion + Ecstasy!

When you speak your truth, you know WHO you are and HOW you serve and that’s exactly how you live each and every day from an internal peace that is not dependent upon outside circumstances.

When you speak your truth, your business will INCREASE at lightening speed because people are yearning for TRUTH tellers right now, connect that to the services you offer and you become a client attraction magnet!

Now let me ask you, Are you ready to say YES to investing in your Truth and being able to Speak it so that you become a fully Liberated and Expressed WOMAN?